Divide | Ed Sheeran

As you can see from the picture above, if you are a big fan of him, this will be about the newly-released album by the one and only Ed Sheeran. I was following him since I can’t remember so I thought why my first blog post not be about him. For this first post I will take the album as a whole then the breakdown of my favourite ones will follow for the next days. 

After a long break, and by long I mean forever, he decided to make a comeback and released TWO singles! Crazy right? The whole world went crazy, including me. He said on an interview that he released these two so that people will have an idea on what the range of this album will be. Shape of You being an upbeat dance craze and Castle on the Hill a reminiscent jam that still sounds like the old Ed we know. Then, there was How Would You Feel? which tugged our heartstrings and a few days or a week before the album release was the first track on the album, Eraser.

March 3 came and the whole world was shook. I mean literally. I had to travel that day and saw that it was already out on Spotify so I just got to download it for the road. 

So, there I was sitting on a bus window, taking in the view of the road and blasting off Divide for all of it’s goodness. It was an emotional roller coaster and it was awesome. He went from upbeat, singing with a flow, then a soulful ballad that literally made me tear up and back again to getting you to shake your booty. It was that good. After that day, I just play the songs whenever I can every single day. Out of the 16 perfectly written tracks and well-delivered raspy high notes, I got a few favorites. My top ten are listed below.

  1. Dive
  2. Castle on the Hill
  3. Happier
  4. Barcelona
  5. Supermarket Flowers
  6. Perfect
  7. Galway Girl
  8. Eraser
  9. Shape of You
  10. New Man

I could write all of them here because they are just great but these are the ones I could listen to again and again. The whole album is one of the best so if you haven’t heard it yet, take a time out and plug those earphones in and listen to its whole entirety and get your breath taken away. 


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