Supermarket Flowers | Ed Sheeran

If you know this song, read right ahead. If not, I encourage you to listen to it because it is one of the best songs in his new album.

I am starting the review of my top five favourite songs off of Divide. This one caught my attention because it is just the saddest song that I have heard to date. When he first released the tracklist of the album, this title really stood out and I knew that I will love it when it comes out. Guess I was right.

To tell you the truth, when I first heard the song, I wasn’t really that into it. One, because I was not listening intently. Two, I don’t have the lyrics to read while it played. And lastly, I was eating so my focus wasn’t on point. LOL!

I have this habit of watching YouTube videos of people reacting to songs and all and I watched a lot, like more than 20 videos, of it. And in every review when this song played, I really came to tears and that made me realize the beauty of it’s meaning. 

On an intervie where Ed explained each and every one of his songs on the album, I learned that this was dedicated for his grandmother and it was written from his mom’s perspective. And the great thing was that he played it in his grandma’s funeral as requested by his granddad. For me, that was a beautiful moment and if I was there, I would surely be drowning in my own tears.

I have to end it here. I just know that songs are more meaningful if you read between the lines. And the simplicity of the words make up for a great masterpiece, just like this one here.


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