Happier | Ed Sheeran

I was not okay with the irony of this song. But I learned to love it as I captured the deeper meaning of it.

It talks about a guy who still loves his ex but sees her happier with another guy and he is okay with it even though it hurts. I can feel the pain he is trying to convey with this and it gives me the chills. I tried and listened to it intently and there were tears welling up my eyes but I stopped them. It is so good to feel emotions with songs because that’s when you know that they are worth listening to. And Ed does that a lot. I should despise him but who could? 

We all go through break ups not only with a girl or boy friend but also some friends that we cherish the most. For me, that is the biggest heartbreak you can get. We cannot take back the things we said and did and wait for them to forgive or console you because that’s not how it works. Sometimes it is better just let go and move on. 

I have to end it here. It is too much. Haha!


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