Barely Even Friends | Beauty and the Beast

This live adaptation of the classic 1991 animation from Disney was a really good movie. It got everything that we liked from the original one and made it even better.

Being a huge Disney fan, literally and figuratively speaking, I was in awe of how this came out. It is always a huge challenge to come close or even go past the original version of movies and I can say they succeeded. Emma Watson, Dan Stevens. Luke Evans and Josh Gad were perfect fit for their roles.

Everything about it was magical. From the songs to the locations to the library (which I hope I can also get my hands into one day), every bit of it was so damn good. 

There was an issue I heard the other day, before the premiere of this movie. They had an argument whether to show it or not because of one almost-gay scene. Oh, come on! It’s 2017 people! There are other concerns that need your attention and the brief moment you were concerned about should not be your priority.

Anyway, let’s get back to it. I have seen the original film far more times than I can remember but when I watched this live version of it, I still swelled up inside and my eyes almost shed a tear. That’s when you know that what you’re watching is good. It tugs your heart strings and does what it is intended to do to you. 

I give this movie an overall score of 8.5/10.


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