Unexpectedly Good | Riverdale

Who wouldn’t know about the famous Archie and his gang? We all read his comics when we are kids and teens and now that we are adults, The CW decided to bring it to life and we are not complaining about it.

Riverdale is the newest craze on television right now. It might not be the same storyline as the one drawn for the comics but it works. I love how it just emanates a dark vibe that leads viewers in awe. And the cinematography is on point. Don’t let me get started with the cast though, they are pure perfection. It’s like they came straight out of the comics. Here is my review for each character.

Archie was a great character at the beginning but as newer episodes aired, I don’t think that he makes a big impact in the show. I just don’t see him trying hard enough like how the others do. He is a good actor though. 

Betty seems like a mystery to me at first but I saw her grow as a strong character who knows her priorities well. She is an open-minded lady and does not settle for anything or anyone that neglects her attention.

Veronica, of course, is this beautiful girl that just looks and sounds amazing. She has an attitude that stands out from the other characters and that makes her someone that you don’t want to mess with.

Jughead did not get the spotlight on the pilot episode which makes it less spectacular. I just see that he is the most interesting of the bunch and his mind just knows where to go with whatever the situation asks of him. And his budding romance with —– was unexpected but beautiful nonetheless.

Cheryl is the character you will hate at first but that won’t last very long. Once you get to know what she is going through and she opens up to the other characters, she isn’t really that devil you thought she was.

Kevin is everyone’s gay best friend. Need I say more?

They’re all the key characters that really stood out from the rest. The actors who played the parents on this show also has their own dilemmas, like Gossip Girl, and that makes it more interesting rather than boring. 

They already had 7 episodes out and the next one won’t be aired until March 30. I will post my reviews for the next episodes or the first season as a whole. 

I can’t wait to know who killed Jason Blossom.


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