FML | Thirteen Reasons Why

This was an intense series to watch. Everybody knows that suicide is a topic that people need to talk about but nobody does. They finally made it into something most people would notice. I figured that only some people read books that’s why the adaptation of it to a series may get more attention. And it did.

I read the book a few years ago. And I don’t really remember it that well so I might have to re-read it again some time. A few adaptations of books live up to their printed counterparts and I guess this one did.

For those of you who haven’t read or binge-watched yet, the story is about Hannah Baker, a teenage girl who was fed up with all the shitty things that happened to her which led her to commit suicide. Before she left, she recorded 13 audios on tapes – cassette ones from the old days. In each of the recordings, she stated a reason on why or what event led her to finally give up. She sent these tapes one by one to those people on her list with the help of another person who will also see to it that they pass it on. If they didn’t, the whole world or should I say their town or school will hear them.

When I heard that they will bring the book to life, I wasn’t really that excited. Even when I watched the trailer a month or two ago, nothing changed. Once it was released, the internet blew up. I read and saw tweets, posts and other stuff about it saying it was good. Well, I already knew that because I read the book but it really was worth the time. 

I won’t go into detail of each episode because it is better if you go through them by yourself so you will feel yourself break over and over again. By the way, I finished the series in like two days. What am I doing with my life? 

The actors for the series did a really great job. I commend how they fit perfectly into their characters and played them really well. The storyline is also great but depressing. I knew it deviated a little from the events that happened in the book but I won’t lie, it all fit perfectly together. 

The suicide scene was the one that took me over the edge. Then, when her parents found her, it broke my heart into a million little pieces. And it is one graphic scene so be mindful of that when you watch. There are a few happy moments throughout the show between Hannah and Clay that I loved. When they watched the eclipse, their dance at the ball, and when they talked at the party. 

If you have nothing to do, I would recommend you not just watch this series but binge-watch it because I know you won’t be able to stop yourself to know the reasons why someone could just move on and get over it. Suicide is not an option.

P.S. A second season should not be an option also. This 13-episode run is enough to cover everything and it is beautiful on its own. Without the tapes going with the story, it’s not just going to work.


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