What Matters Most | Modern Family

Modern Family is a comedy series on TV, which is currently in its eight season this year. It revolves around the every day life of three families which are related to each other. 

The Dunphy Family, headed by Phil, a real-estate agent and Claire, a housewife, portrays the routines and problems faced by a standard family. They have 3 children – Haley, Alex and Luke – who are sophisticated, over-the-top genius and somewhat alright, respectively. 

The Tucker-Pritchett Family, consists of the partners Cam, a.k.a. Fizbo the Clown, and Mitch, the red-headed lawyer, who adopted a Vietnamese girl, Lily, who is crazy in all the right ways.

And lastly, the Pritchett Family, which includes the father of Claire and Mitchell, Jay, and his Colombian-hottie-for-a-wife, Gloria. They also live with Manny, the melodramatic and romantic son of Gloria.

I started watching this show since I always hear on the news that they win the Best Comedy awards consecutively. And to my surprise, it really was the funniest comedy series I have ever watched. They drop lines in a subtle way that makes it very natural, then they look into the camera. I don’t know why but that gets me every time. 

Every character in the show plays a part in the story and seeing them as a whole makes the show what it is. 

Phil is the dad that does not give up on something that he puts his hands on. He always wants the best for everyone even if he ends up looking like a fool in doing so.

Claire is the not-so-uptight mom that knows when to put her foot in place. She is the one that persuades Phil to be strict in times he is giving his kids special treatments.

Haley is that super popular girl in school that everyone wants to be friends with or wants to kiss. She may not be the brightest of the bunch but she has her clever ways of getting the job done and it works.

Alex, the straight-A student that every parent would love to have. She partners her wits with sarcasm and everybody believes her. Without her, the family won’t solve some problems they encountered.

Luke is the son that always goes easy on things. He is just laid back and enjoys every moment as they pass. He’s just being a kid that’s all I see and he grew up well in his character.

Cameron, that gay uncle that is into the arts like singing and musicals and what not. He makes the room jolly but is also very emotional at times. He knows how to confront problems head on, sometimes.

Mitchell is the obsessive-compulsive gay uncle that seems to be following every rule that when he breaks it, it makes him very uncomfortable. He does not know how to say certain things to people that’s why he has Cam around.

Lily is the most adorable little girl on the show. She speaks her mind as she desires and does not have any limitations in doing so. 

Jay is that rich grandfather that can help you any time you need him. He may not show his love for his family but you know it is in there. He is not just comfortable in letting his feelings be seen by others.

Gloria, where do I start? Her accent and the way she speaks Spanish so fluently makes is perfect. She knows what to say at the right time, though you might be confused of she is mad or just speaking in her regular voice.

Manny is that romantic kid that knows his way with girls and women. He acts way older than his age and is also a brainiac like Alex.

And the newest addition to the family is baby Joe. He is the son of Jay and Gloria. He appears by season 8 I think. He is just absolutely adorable.

The most iconic moment that I remember on the show, through all the seasons, is the pilot, where Cam announced Lily’s adoption through putting her up in the air with Circle of  Life playing in the background. It is a great show so I really recommend it to everyone. 

You won’t regret starting this series, if you haven’t yet. It just goes to show that family matters the most! 


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