Hard Times | Paramore

Everyone has been waiting for Paramore to return to the music scene since 2013. And this year, after 4 years from the release of their self-titled album, they are back to kick some ass!

The first single they released is Hard Times. This whirred up the internet and made radios blasting it off at once. The upbeat song with the very catchy lyrics got the heart of every fan out there. Couple those up with the awesome art in the music video and we got a hit that is going down in history. 

The song is about the way we sometimes deal with the hard times in our lives. We cannot deny that there is a point that we just don’t want to go out of bed and face the real world. Especially if there was an event beforehand that makes us feel very down or left us questioning our decisions the whole night. What we need is someone or our group of friends and families to help us go through them and to remind us that problems aren’t the end of the world. These are ways on how we can make yourself stronger to face the more complicated things life may throw at us.

The chorus of the song says that these hard times makes us think twice on why we still put our effort in trying to solve them or get rid of them. How it leaves us crying why it laughs at our face. But despite all these, we still manage to survive and go on with our lives. I thinks that’s just how it is. A good message paired with an awesome band makes up an excellent song. I remember what my friends told me, one mistake does not define a person. So, do not fret just yet.

Reading through the comment section of the video, I read some people that didn’t like how Paramore changed their style. What I have to say about that is bands are always open to try new things. It would be boring as hell if they stick to one genre and stay there throughout the span of their career. A little bit of change is welcome. And for me, it is one way for them to grow and mature and reach more and more people. To tell you the truth, this new song is an ear candy. What makes them unique is how Haley’s powerful vocals can give shivers up and down our spines.

I’m really looking forward to hearing the whole album to be released soon! It wouldn’t be so bad to see them play live also. Haven’t had the chance yet, so, fingers crossed!


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