WTF Happened | Riverdale

Spoilers ahead

After 13 episodes, the first season of Riverdale is over. And it put a lot on our plates, many things to look forward the next season.

First of all, I would like to commend the production team in making the series the way it is. The colours and the cinematography is amazing. Two thumbs up for that.

We start off with Clifford Blossom’s suicide from the last episode. This led to them searching for names linked in his drug business. And where else will they find answers other than FP Jones. But he claimed his South Side Serpents are innocent and have nothing to do with it even if his prison sentence is on the line. Because of this, the Serpents swore to protect Jughead and invited him by giving him a South Side Serpent leather jacket. I don’t mind getting one too. 

Hermione Lodge kept asking Fred Andrews to sell his share of their project to her. The rumoured release of Hiram Lodge made her decide that they shouldn’t be seen close to each other since her husband knew about their secret affair. Hermione then persuaded Veronica to talk to Archie, since they have a budding romance, to talk to his dad to take the deal. But in the end, she failed.

Betty Cooper finally got her mom, Alice, about some secret she knew she was hiding from her. Turns out that their first child was a boy and was put up for a silent adoption. She was devastated and claimed it was one of her worst decisions in life. 

Cheryl Blossom, which is a love-hate character, was the star of the finale. She tried killing herself by drowning in the ice-covered Sweetwater River but was rescued by the gang. Then she needed to cleanse herself of the shame her father brought to their name so she burned their house down. Clap, clap, clap!

Jughead was assessed by a social worker and concluded that Fred couldn’t shoulder another dependent on the house, since his job does not pay enough, and was told to be taken by a foster family on the south side and transferred to another high school. He already went to the neighbourhood and they showed he may be bullied but he was not. He was just having a good laugh with a bunch of students when the gang checked up on him.

Archie and Veronica started a fire but we know that Archie’s heart beats for Betty. The way he looks at her resonates longing and regret. Veronica noticed it but he managed to find the right words to take her mind off of it. 

The steamy scenes between Archie and Veronica and Jughead and Betty were surprising but I’m glad they managed to show a more mature side of the characters before the season ended. I hope this will go beyond high school like One Tree Hill because that would be awesome. 

The final scene at Pop’s was so out of the blue. This one will not be revealed here. Better watch it yourself. Haha!

Looking forward to more seasons. Time to jump to another series for the mean time. 


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