After Laughter | Paramore

Last May 12, After Laughter was released. I didn’t have the time to take it all in since I’ve been busy with work and my schedule wasn’t allowing me to. But finally I got a chance to strip each song and let my soul feel it’s meaning. I made a short review of each song while listening. Play it while you read through.

Hard Times — I already made a review of this. But all I can say about this is that it was a great comeback song for them. We missed them so much and they teased us with this single. Who wouldn’t love it?

Rose-Colored Boy — This was the first song I read about after the album release. People loved it and you can tell why. It sounded new when I first heard it and I got to love it after a hundred more times of listening to it.

Told You So — When we make a mistake, they’ll be saying they were right all along and you were wrong, as always. How effed up is our society. 

Forgiveness — A more mellow song that tells about how forgiving someone is not easy most of the time. People have to think things through before giving you a second chance. You have to prove yourself first if you deserve it.

Fake Happy — Loved the intro of this with Hayley and just the guitar then dropping the beat, giving this sad song life. As the title states, this is how we put up a smile even if we are broken inside. Seems like every one of us does it to please people around us not knowing were in the same boat sometimes.

26 — I don’t know why it is entitled ’26’ but I don’t care because this one is another addition to songs I can cry to. It explains that if we feel like giving up on anything or anyone, we should find that last thread of hope which we can cling on and hold on to it until we reach what we want.

Pool — So, this is a love song, well, kinda. When we love someone, we would forgive them all the time because what matters is they’re with us. Like the line ‘You are the wave, I could never tame. If I survive, I’ll dive back in,’ this suggests that even if you don’t get along, you still want to stay and dive back into that person. It sounds wrong but that’s what happens.

Grudges — One of the best songs in the album because of it’s message and because I can relate. Letting go of the things you still hold inside of you against other people will give you a new perspective in life. Remember those wasted times hating other people instead of moving on. It will definitely make you feel better. ‘Why did it take so long to just let go? Why did it take so long to stop holding on?’

Caught In The Middle — This definitely is a song about midlife crisis. Even if we want to stop at the present, we need to keep moving forward. We don’t want to end up staying in one place for a long time.

Idle Worship —  I love Hayley’s vocals here. They are rough at some parts and fits perfectly with the tone of the message it is trying to impart. To put it lightly, it’s like giving too much faith on someone who is not even sure of themself. 

No Friend — This is a weird song. Check it out yourself. It has a powerful element in it and that makes kinda good weird.

Tell Me How — A very deep song to end the album. I liked it a lot. This song is just touching and… I’ll just leave you a line from it. ‘Tell me how to feel about you know. Oh, let me know. Do I suffocate or let go?’

There you go! Another great work from Paramore after a while. This is a brilliant compilation of their new sound and if you’re not a fan of change, you just have to deal with it. They won’t disappoint you, I promise. It took me at least a week before I appreciated the new elements in this album. Wonderful messages sung by a very powerful voice is always the way to go. 


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