Lovely, Little, Lonely | The Maine

I have been listening to this band since I was in college. The Maine helped me get through days together with other bands that I liked during that time. When I listen to their songs, I feel a bit of nostalgia and makes me feel things I cannot explain. Just recently, April 7 to be exact, they dropped the Lovely, Little, Lonely album. Here are my song reviews. And from now on, I will be leaving my favourite lines from each song I will be reviewing.

Don’t Come Down — This gives me a vibe where you are at a concert and you are high from all the adrenaline in singing your hearts out with your favourite artist playing onstage and not giving a fuck about anything, sharing that moment with people you don’t know. Great times and great song! I can sing this in the shower. ‘Never felt like this before. Dizzy, drunk and beautiful. In this moment I let go with you.’

Bad Behavior — Not safe for work. So, I won’t be playing this anywhere where people will bat an eye on me. This is being dangerously in love with someone you know you can’t resist but you still go for them. ‘I like the lips you kiss with. But I wanna wear your lipstick, cause it means I got to kiss them.’

Lovely — A soothing instrumental. 

Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu — Another crazily good song from them. It’s kinda different when the chorus is a bit slower and more mellow than the other verses. This gave me black butterflies in my stomach. And I mean that in a good way. ‘There are only 26 letters I can use just to tell you I won’t let go. Don’t let you go.’

Taxi — In my opinion, this is about a new relationship. Both are still unsure of what they are dealing with and how they will be feeling for one another. However, they stand by each other to repel any loneliness from coming their way. ‘I can’t say that I can make you feel complete or free from your worry. But believe me when I tell you babe, you’ll never be lonely.’

Do You Remember? (The Other Half of 23) — A feel-good song on remembering the moments shared with friends while talking about the days when you feel invincible and nothing can get to you. ‘Do you remember the days we were golden? We would surrender to just letting go.’

Little — Spoken words are awesome. I genuinely hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for,even if you have to find it alone.’

The Sound of Reverie — Living in the now is something we should treasure. While we are still young, we need to enjoy the things we can still do with the people around us. Don’t let any moment pass you by because once it passed by, it won’t give a second take. ‘We’ve got a lot but what do we got to lose? ‘Cause I’m losing track of time and I’ll be all these shades of blue.’

Lost in Nostalgia — Short and simple song. ‘It’s not too late.’

I Only Wanna Talk To You —  As the title implies, I only wanna talk to you. It kind of has a sad tone to it. A good song but it’s hard to listen to it. ‘The only thing I’m really sure of, I’m unsure of almost everything.’

Lonely — This is too much sadness. ‘I remember feeling weightless in the deeper end and drowning in the fear again.’

How Do You Feel? — A good way to end this album is something reassuring. And this one is. It has the message for people that there is someone out there who are open to listen to them with whatever are troubling them. I know a lot of people, especially teens, who rely solely on music to get through every day because I was one of them before. And something like this makes them feel that someone is with them. ‘You are alive but are you living?’

Overall, I am happy with this album. Previous albums of The Maine brought something new at the table, so did this one. I am grateful that they still kept making music because some other great bands disbanded already and I hate to see another one go. This left me a little lovely inside but not lonely at all. 


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