Dragonstone | Game of Thrones S07E01

The long wait is finally over!!! The most-awaited return of everyone’s favorite TV show has been presented to us. The pilot episode for the seventh season of Game of Thrones aired last July 16, 2017 and everyone rejoiced! I’m going to be stating the key parts of the episode, so, if you haven’t watched it yet, beware of spoilers!

The opening scene was at The Twins, where Walder Frey is giving a feast to his men. He gave a toast and everyone drank the wine or whatever liquid they ingested except for Walder himself. I knew something was up at that moment. Then the bannermen started dying and Walder is actually Arya. Great opening scene for the season.

We then see the White Walkers marching towards the Wall, including the Wildling giants. UH-OH! That concerns me the most because he will be hard to beat. I think that was Bran’s vision. He and Meera reached the Wall and they were brought inside by Tollett.

Samwell Tarly had a lot of screen time for this episode and that led to him finding a huge souce of dragonglass, what they can use to kill White Walkers, when he stole a book from the restricted section of the Citadel. He then goes to write his discovery to tell Jon Snow. We also had a glimpse of Sir Jorah Mormont in a cell and it is not a pretty sight.

Euron Greyjoy proposed to Cersei Lannister in exchange of his help with the Iron Fleet but she declined because he has a long history of being disloyal. He is a proper prick who thinks high of himself and I hate him.

Finally, Daenerys Targaryen, together with her armada arrived at Dragonstone at last. It was a moment of silence as she takes in what used to be her family’s kingdom and see in her eyes the need for her to take back what is rightfully hers. And that is one way to end the pilot episode!

Only seven episodes are in season 7 and I am thinking that that is not enough to cover all the things and battles that have to be shown. But we just got to trust them and knwo that they will deliver this one as better every time.

Ed Sheeran makes his appearance here and you won’t miss it because he does what he does best. Sing, obviously.


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