LANY blew up this 2017. I mean, they were just releasing EPs and singles which are worthy to be in an album and their audience are not the mainstream media but they managed to break through that barrier. And here they are now, buzzing the second half of the year with their beautifully crafted self-titled debut album.

Dumb Stuff — Great intro to the album. Rain in the background makes you wanna listen to it while sippin’ on some coffee and relaxing in the afternoon. Love how short the lyrics are but it complements the general feeling of the whole album. ‘And there is no one else I would rather be with. Please, promise you want me.’

The Breakup — Really? A breakup song right after the intro? I still love this song though. We can never take back what we already said. And we cannot mend anything we break without leaving any trace. ‘How the hell do you fall in love? The last time I checked you can’t fall in slow mo.’ ”Cause once you let it go,  you better know it’s gone.

Super Far — This is by far my favourite song from them. Maybe because I can relate to it in some ways. The beat is just catchy and the way they sing it makes me jive to every line dropped. ‘Do the same. Can you show me that you care? God I hope so, but I don’t think so.’ ‘Broken down I’ve had enough. If this is love, I don’t want it.’

Overtime — Slow song with a very nice rhythm. Its still quite a upbeat song for something explaining somebody lying but that doesn’t matter.  ‘I gave it up and now I can’t ever get it back.’

Flowers on the Floor —  This one got me this thinking over and over again on how or what it is trying to explain and I finally got it. I tried for about 20 times. It’s like saying how you feel to the person you want and leaving them to pick up what you have laid out for them or watch them walk away. ‘Think I might be sick from how much you know I love ya.’

Parents — A recording of Jake’s mother. Just listen to it. 🙂

ILYSB — Definitely one of their best songs. I heard them through this song first so it belongs to a place in my heart. Listening to this on full blast will make you feel your heart beating. I can’t believe they can deliver such a powerful message this way. ‘Mad cool in all my clothes. Mad warm when you get close to me.’ ‘Oh, my heart hurts so good. I love you, babe, so bad.’

13 — Another fave from this album. This gives me so much feels that I like listening to it but hate what it is expressing. Maybe because I can relate to the message they are trying to convey to me. ‘The smell of you is way too much, not gonna put my heart through that.’

Hericane — A song that builds up slightly to hit you with a very nice chorus. This shows one’s unconditional love to someone thought they are on the opposite of what should be done or known. It also gives us an idea about standing up to what you believe in even if you might hurt someone in admitting it. ‘I love you still, I always will. Even though you are wrong.’

Hurts — I hate how good this one is and it strikes right through me. It exactly tells how I felt before. Just listen to it.  ‘I am so messed up. Making all the ones who care about me wanna run. The sunset’s black and white. It didn’t used to be. I remember when it was pink skies, just you and me.’

Good Girls — Another love song from them. But this time I think this one is kind of naughty but that’s just me. Not one of my favorites but it still is a good song. ‘But there’s no one like us. Insatiably insane, equally exchanged.’

Pancakes — This is one of those songs that you won’t listen to often but when you do, it can pull you into it and leave you staring blankly at the wall. Not a happy song but not a sad song either. ‘You are the best, please don’t ever change on me.’

Tampa — One sad song. I think this is from his personal experience when a girl cheated on him and the girl did not know that he already has an idea. Talking to yourself about a decision that you are against but still going for the wrong one. ‘I never know which you I’ll get. Am I the only one who gives a shit?’ ‘I can do better than this.’

Purple Teeth — First time I heard this, I just listened through it and didn’t mind the song. But after repeating it, I instantly fell in love; like how falling in love again was depicted on this song. This kinda gives me a nostalgic feel and makes me imagine the memories from the past that I like to relive. ‘Water-colored nights. You painted these, I’m impressed by you.’ ‘My cracked lips on a familiar skin.’

So, So Pretty — Just skipped through this when I played the whole album but it when I heard it, its kinda relaxing and gave me another nostalgic feeling. Like the title, it’s so, so pretty. It’s an instrumental by the way. 

It Was Love — Ending this album with a tragic love song makes every heart listening to this in its entirety break into a million pieces. We all have that one person who got away. And it’s good to remember them some times just to know that you loved someone before. ‘It was love. I know you know that. It was us. I wish I could go back.’ ‘I don’t think I ever told you, I hated that it had to end.’

There you go. My thought on this wonderful album by LANY. Got to see them perform live already! It was awesome. I hope they come back to do an arena show and play more songs. They really sound great live! Want to hear more songs from them for the years to come. 


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